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Sherri Marquez, her sisters and her daughter started Sibling Arts several years ago. Their inspiration for this unique line of “Paper Dolls” came when Sherri and her daughter Olivia attended a 2009 invitational International Convention, with 200,000 delegates from 27 different countries in attendance!. Although the language barriers were huge, they were still able to communicate with one another through the genuine love and fellowship that permeated the event. Sherri and Olivia came home with photos of friends from Nigeria, Europe, Japan, Spain, and Portugal to name a few. “While walking down a narrow street in Rome we passed a delegate with her badge on,” reminisces Sherri, “ She grabbed my arm gently and stopped for a moment to share a smile and a thousand unspoken words. We never communicated names, but a loving bond was evident.”

Sibling Arts hopes that this line of New Paper Dolls puts a smile on your face and opens doors to project goodwill to others.  Hopefully,this collection will also allow us to share that ability with our children and grandchildren as they meet people from other lands and cultures.

Free Projects:


570-24 Doll Panel,
571-10 Clothes Red,
571-21 Clothes Tan,
572-5 Tossed Animals Blue,
572-23 Tossed Animals Yellow,
573-23 Bouquet Yellow,
573-5 Floral Bouquet Blue,
573-10 Floral Bouquet Red

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  • Comment Link Sherri of Sibling Arts Studio Wednesday, 15 May 2013 23:28 posted by Sherri of Sibling Arts Studio

    Sherri Marquez (the designer of these lines) of Sibling Arts Studio has the New Paper Dolls, Today's Paper Dolls, and Schoolhouse Paper Dolls in stock.

    Etsy shop: 100% positive feedback of 500+ !! :)

    We also have free PDF instructions for making a set of fabric paper dolls that are sturdy and survive "playtime".


    Sherri (Sibling Arts Studio)

  • Comment Link Becky Ellis Tuesday, 14 May 2013 07:06 posted by Becky Ellis

    Does your 570-24 panel of dolls go w/the 571-21 clothing yardage? I have the clothing but cannot find the dolls. Do you sell the doll fabric & if so, how do I purchase? Thanks for your help.

  • Comment Link Julie from Australia Sunday, 16 September 2012 20:25 posted by Julie from Australia

    Hi, You can use fusible webbing as a glue to stick these to felt and then onto cardboard to cut out. You can also get felt that already has the webbing on. Do thsame with the clothes. you dont need the cardboard on the clothes and with felt as a becking, you dont even need the tabs to hold the clothes on.

  • Comment Link Gloria Saturday, 18 February 2012 15:16 posted by Gloria

    i would like to beable to make this fabric into playing paper dolls for my great grandkids do you have any suggestions?


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