Quilts from the Civil War era are rare, but they exist, and this colorful grouping of historic prints is taken from quilts in the collection of Pam Weeks, a New Hampshire quilt historian and collector who specializes in this period of American history.  Too often, people have the impression that Civil War quilts were made of dull colors, especially browns. Brown was popular in the middle of the nineteenth century, and seen in many quilts of the time, but so were madder red, Turkey red, and bright blues, pinks, and purples.

Album quilts, also called signature, or friendship quilts, were a popular fad in mid-century, and the quilt pattern chosen to feature this line was often used by friends exchanging signed blocks. Several quilts survive the Civil War that were made by groups of women and children and donated to the troops through the United States Sanitary Commission. They signed their album blocks and included bible verses or cheerful poems to support the soldiers.

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